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How FreedomFiler invented the self-purging filing system, eliminating paper clutter and the need for record retention schedules.Filing system and paper organization products from FreedomFiler help you file paper easily!Our free learning center shows you how-to file paper and set-up a filing system free of paper clutter.Sign in for discounts on orders, shipment tracking, and account balances.Get support for home filing and business filing, or download templates for printing filing categories.

The Freedom Filer is FABULOUS!!!! I just implemented it for the New Year and absolutely love it. I can not only file in a jiffy, but find the items I need in nanoseconds. I feel so much freer! I truly love this system, and I am in search of more organizing ideas.
—Dana Workman,
Hampton GA

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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your product! I have NEVER been this organized before. I keep running upstairs to take another look at my creation :). I love the fact that the kit comes with blank labels for each color, too, so that I can add my own label titles, such as "Garbage Removal" and "Divorce", etc. Thank you so much for offering such a unique idea!
—Jill Smyth,
Newark NY United States

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Frequently Asked Questions Before You Buy

Find more answers about filing with FreedomFiler in our searchable Q & A Forum.

Does FreedomFiler have a mechanical arm? How can it be "self-purging?"
Even better than having a mechanical arm, FreedomFiler always lets you be in control of when papers are discarded, and yes you will still remove or empty out files manually. Self-purging means that unwanted documents are automatically rotated and replaced when their useful life has ended. You will never have to set aside time to clean out files and you never have to make decisions about what to throw away and what to keep. Files are arranged so that color-coding and the passing of time allow you to automatically replace old documents at the time of filing new ones. No more wasting time reviewing files or relabeling folders each year. No file clean out day, ever.

Does FreedomFiler's color-coding force me to decide how long I will keep each document before I file it? Isn't that more work?
FreedomFiler's easy folder names and intuitive color coding make filing your papers even easier, not harder. FreedomFiler will show you how to file smart so you don't waste time indexing every document! FreedomFiler lets you take advantage of month files to dramatically speed up routine filing, allowing you to file up to 20 times faster than typical home systems.

Can I expand the FreedomFiler?

Yes. You can expand each color-coded section without limit. The FreedomFiler classification system applies to any filing challenge, no matter how large or small. The Deluxe Home Kit comes with several hundred additional pre-printed titles to accommodate nearly every imaginable household need. Plenty of extra blank color-coded labels are also provided in the Deluxe Home Kit, while label expansion packs can be purchased for larger projects.

Can I customize the FreedomFiler?
Yes. We recognize that each person's filing needs are different. You may handwrite, ink jet, or laser print custom titles onto FreedomFiler stick-on labels. Our label sheets have been designed to allow easy printing from any word processor. Keep in mind that our quick-start system as illustrated in the set-up guide can be relied on to handle over 95% of typical household documents.

Does the FreedomFiler come with file folders and a container?
Our filing kits such as the Deluxe Home Filing Kit do not include hanging file folders or a file container. Only our Ready-Made Systems include hanging file folders and a file container.

What supplies do I need to use my FreedomFiler?
To set up a maintenance-free filing system using one of our filing kits, you will need to obtain hanging file folders (letter or legal size) with 1/5 cut tabs (2 inches wide). Clear tabs are preferable as these will allow you the option to place stick-on labels inside the tabs. You will also need a file drawer, crate, or rolling cart (to place folders into). Also binder clips (mini size or 3/4 inch) are useful as file markers if you use month files and for your tax archive (two very powerful features of the system). If you purchase a ready-made system, the hanging file folders and file crate are included, as well as file markers.

Do I have to buy different folder colors?

No. For simplicity we recommend using a single, uniform folder color. The FreedomFiler stick-on labels will provide all the necessary color-coding. You may choose any folder color as your background color. If you set up a dedicated system for your business files or a special project, you may introduce a second or third folder color. Some customers do take the time to color match folders with FreedomFiler labels, in situations where multiple folder colors are already available or for personal preference.

Do I need manila or color-coded interior folders?

No. Interior folders are optional. In fact, FreedomFiler filing kits are specifically designed to be used without requiring interior folders. Subtopics belonging to a single main topic are named so that they appear next to each other when alphabetized. Interior folders are not necessary but may be preferable for subdividing files or improving handling convenience. Keep in mind that papers can often be filed and retrieved faster by using a series of hanging file folders instead of interior folders.

Do I have to go through all of my pre-existing files to start using my FreedomFiler?

Rather than waiting to clean out legacy files, it's often best to set up your FreedomFiler and begin filing newly generated papers right away. You can transfer pre-existing files in small batches or as needed. Older files which are inactive may be put into storage until they are transferred, or they can be discarded after the passing of time. If you are overwhelmed by paper piles, it's much better to start with a clean slate. You will find it easier to deal with the older files once you discover how easy it is to file with the FreedomFiler!

How much time is required to set up my filing system?
A complete Quick Start System with 58 folders can be assembled in as little as 1/2 hour; however, we recommend setting aside two full hours to assemble your kit. This will allow you additional time to become familiar with the system. If you are someone who likes to do a very careful job and if you expect to print your own custom labels, set aside an entire morning, afternoon, or evening. If you find yourself putting off setting up your kit because you don't have enough time - just open the Quick Start Guide and assemble this system while waiting on the phone, watching TV, or during a meeting - you'll be glad you did! Don't wait to build the perfect system! Realize that the Quick-Start System was carefully designed to handle nearly every possible household document.

Will I receive technical support?

Yes. FreedomFiler will provide a reasonable amount of free technical support if you require, either by phone or by email. Of course, be sure to take a quick glance through the instructional materials and pictorial diagrams included with your system. Having been revised over several years based on customer feedback, you will find nearly every question answered there. You will also find our searchable Questions and Answers Forum and online tutorials extremely helpful, providing visual pictures and demonstrations, often better than what can be described over the phone or by email. Please check our website at a later date to access the online filing encyclopedia which will let you instantly answer questions related to the filing of specific documents. Further individualized assistance is available through hiring a FreedomFiler Certified Consultant.

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