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How FreedomFiler invented the self-purging filing system, eliminating paper clutter and the need for record retention schedules.Filing system and paper organization products from FreedomFiler help you file paper easily!Our free learning center shows you how-to file paper and set-up a filing system free of paper clutter.Sign in for discounts on orders, shipment tracking, and account balances.Get support for home filing and business filing, or download templates for printing filing categories.

I truly love my FreedomFiler. As folks who know me both personally and professionally will tell you, I am a harsh critic and usually the best anyone or any product gets from me is 'it doesn't suck.' Good job!
—Deborah Gill-Hesselgrave,
Human Factors Consultant,
San Diego CA

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An Award Winning Team
FreedomFiler’s core team has a proven track record of delivering #1 selling organizing products:

Seth Odam, Founder
Mr. Odam developed the original award winning personal organizer software for Apple Computer Inc., later known as the Palm Desktop for Macintosh. Originally sold as Claris Organizer, the software program became a #1 seller upon its release and received 5-star reviews for its ease of use, user features, and high performance. Mr. Odam continued to improve the product for several years, helping to ensure that Claris Organizer won the Mac User Editor's Choice Award for both 1.0 and 2.0 versions before being sold to Palm. The personal organizer software earned a loyal customer following and has been used by millions of Apple and Palm customers worldwide. Seth Odam holds two patents in user interface design and has a passion for developing end-user products that are simple to use while also delivering ground-breaking functionality.

In 2001 Mr. Odam invented the self-purging filing system, finally offering a permanent solution to the #1 reported organization problem in the home. He has worked with clients to assist them in organizing the flow of paper in their lives and used this hands on experience to refine the FreedomFiler line of products. A qualified expert on paper-flow for the home and office, Mr. Odam has spoken at the NAPO conferences in 2003, and 2005 on “The Two Greatest Myths About Filing”, and "Maintenance-Free Paper-flow". The FreedomFiler product certification and training program has inspired professional organizers across the country to use the maintenance-free paper-flow system.

John Odam, Art Director
Mr. Odam Sr. is an award winning graphic and film designer as well as a published author of several fully illustrated how-to books including Start With A Scan, Getting Started With 3D, and Start with a Digital Camera (published by Peachpit® Press) Mr. Odam's books have been sold in electronic superstores and university bookstores internationally. John Odam designed the first commercial desktop-published textbook for wide distribution. As an authority on computer aided design during the desktop publishing boom, he wrote a series of regular how-to articles for numerous desktop publishing magazines. His entry into film and video has earned first-place awards at film festivals.

FreedomFiler's Expanded Network
FreedomFiler has an advanced affiliate program to support professional advisors who are in a position to recommend organizing solutions to their clients. Affiliates include professional organizers, tax preparers, financial advisors, accountants, bookkeepers, coaches, and mentors. Please click on the following link for a list of local affiliates and stores. In addition, FreedomFiler offers a training program for eligible affiliates to become Certified Consultants. FreedomFiler Certified Consultants are selected by their experience and qualifications, and have demonstrated mastery of the FreedomFiler paper-flow system. Please click on the following link for a list of certified consultants

More About Our Team
The FreedomFiler team includes several legal, technical, design, and production contractors with a background in delivering quality consumer products.

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